Senior Athletes Sign On To College Teams


Molly Kennedy, Sports Editor

Being a successful student athlete is impressive in high school, however being an athlete in college is a new level of commitment to a sport. According to NCAA only about 6% of high school athletes will go on to play sports in college. Here are a few athletes that will be playing in college.

Alyssa Blair is attending Le Moyne College in Sycracuse, New York. She is committed to their swim team and excited to go to a big city, along with moving forward with her swim career. “I didn’t feel like my swim career was done at the end of my senior season, and now I have the chance to continue to better myself and test the limits,” said Blair.

Alyssa Blair, Le Moyne College Swim Team

Griffin Hovey is going to Springfield College to play lacrosse. “I chose Springfield because it felt like home.” said Hovey. Although he is choosing a college close to home he is also looking forward to the new experiences he will be apart of in his college career. 

Jackie Koziol is playing lacrosse at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Even as a freshman, Koziol knew she wanted to play in college and started touring February her freshman year. Over her high school years, she has toured over 20 colleges and eventually narrowed it down. She was able to find a welcoming environment as RPI, “My coach was also very involved and interested in my life as a high school student with frequent calls, texts and emails.” said Koziol. She looks forward to the connections and opportunities that will be presented to her as a student and athlete.

Madison Merritt is going to Merrimack College and committed to their rowing team.

Quinn Serafino will be playing soccer for Umass Amherst.

Quinn Serafino will be attending Umass Amherst.