80 Second Editorial

80 Second Editorials are questions created by the Terrier Times staff and answered by students and faculty. All questions are based on the personal opinions of participants and do not represent the opinions of the terrier Times staff. The editorial questions are available on the Terrier Times website.

80 Second Editorial

What do you think about recent school shootings and those that have occurred over the years? What can we change as a society to prevent this from happening in our country?

School shootings are obviously very unfortunate. Yet, I respectfully believe that these occurrences are hard to prevent even if we establish gun control laws. Inevitably, these individuals or even groups may ultimately find ways to retrieve access to firearms or other illegal weaponry they will or could use to harm others with. The world is full of cruel and blighted people yet in my most honest opinion this is nature’s unbalance of evil in what we want to view as a blessed Earth’s perfect harmony. –Benjamin Bonifacio, sophomore

We could have security at all the schools and have metal detectors at the front door or the doors that the kids can walk in into school or we could allow teachers to carry guns to school.

Alek Rivera, senior

Hearing about all of the school shootings happening over the years makes me feel very heartbroken for the victims and their family and friends. As a society, I believe that if we pay further attention to the mental health and overall well-beings of students, we would prevent tragedies like this from happening. Typically, the criminals of these wrongdoings were often bullied, ignored, or shunned, which makes me think that if we show a little bit of kindness to everyone, the amount of violence in schools across our country would decrease.

Trevor Morin, sophomore

Is social media actually social, or does it take away from being social?

Social media isn’t actually socializing. It’s great for keeping in touch with people that may move away, but for the people we see everyday, it takes away from how we interact with each other in person. –Gabrielle Biseinere, junior

Social media allows people to be more social, but it is in a much different form than traditional face-to-face. Even though social media does allow certain people to express themselves and make friends, this can often go awry, and negative impacts may result. –Nicholas Sbalbi, sophomore

It all depends on the individual themselves. Some people are afraid to truly be themselves in fear of judgement from others, while others are more confident and say what they want, when they want, which can be sometimes be negative and create drama. This just proves the point that social media can be great at times, but not so great at others. –Sinead Garvey, sophomore

Maybe for someone who is anti-social it can open them up to situations where they need to be social, but I think it can also make someone anti social if they become too reliant on social media. –Will Picard, junior

Do you feel that the security software our school uses for Chromebook monitoring is an appropriate measure for safety or an invasion of student privacy? Explain.

I think that the security software used for Chromebooks is very appropriate. Nothing too personal should be put on the Chromebooks anyway, since they should solely be used for schoolwork rather than anything else, and the security in place is very appropriate and allows people to monitor what we’re currently doing. Of course, to expand on security via Chromebooks, I feel as though the amount of websites that are blocked online is kind of ridiculous. Many things that are very useful for school to get quick answers to questions, such as yahoo answers, should not be blocked. Many other obscure sites that are relatively useful are also blocked for seemingly unknown reasons. –Matthew Selva, sophomore

Chromebook security should be monitored differently. It’s good that we are monitored to make sure we’re being appropriate, but sometimes they take it too far with the websites they block. It can get annoying when you’re trying to do schoolwork and every website you try to get information from is blocked. –Charlie Rounds, senior

INVASION OF PRIVACY. Yes, I have a personal email, sorry that I have to attend to that and make sure there’s people I am consistently keeping in contact with. College tour booking? School related. How’d I do it? Personal email. Unblock it. –Alma Huremovic senior

To some extent, we should have monitoring but here, I think they’re being way more careful than they need to. They’re keeping us from things that could really help some people. A lot of times the websites I want to use for researching are blocked, music’s blocked. –Allisa Daigle, sophomore

How should participation in the classroom be measured?

Participation should be measured on whether the student is engaged and paying attention to what’s going on in class. If someone is falling asleep, making noise, and distracting others from learning they should be affected by a negative participation grade. –Brandt O’Hara, senior

Participation should be measured by how the students answer the question and participate. If they get the question wrong that’s okay as long as they attempted.  –Chris Smart, sophomore

Well, some people are shy and do not like to talk during class, like me. I do not like speaking in front of the class for a grade. If there were more group presentations I would feel better.

Josana Fenton, freshman

Participation and grades should be measured by how much a student learns through the class day. If a student is trying to learn and doing everything they can, there should be no penalty because the effort was there. –Austin Sawicki, senior

Is going to college necessary for being successful?

College is just paying a lot of money to do work others would pay you to do but now you get a fancy paper at the end of it –Eric Welch, junior

No, but it helps.  Education creates opportunity.  Some people are driven enough to educate themselves without college, but not many.  In the meantime, people who continue their education and take it seriously make themselves better thinkers, better planners, and more appealing to potential employers. –Mr.  Brown, teacher

Define the word successful. As someone who plans on having upwards of 10 years of college directly after high school I personally think that learning is important to having the life I want. –Nathan Lee, junior

What have you learned from your time in high school? What are the most memorable/valuable lessons you’ve had?

I have learned that life is more than grades and studying; experience is the most valuable tool I can have in life. Even though, grades are important to colleges, experiences I have had through Key Club, for example, have made me a more confident and mature person that can help the community by volunteering. It gave me more responsibility that will prepare better for college and life in general. –Noor Farjo, senior

I have learned how to be more social, care about others, focus on my work and a lot more. My most memorable lessons would be to not be shy, just be myself, and don’t hide. I spent all of high school hiding. I was afraid of everyone and even myself. Now I am very comfortable and open.

Bree Bendiksen, senior

I have learned a lot over the four years in high school. First, the language was new to me. I had to learn it. I have learned how to work with other students and also help each other. On the other hand, I have learn more English and also I took another language which is Spanish and also I now have more skills in Math and other subjects such as Chemistry, Physics and other science. I also learned how to deal with problems. Beside that, I have also enjoined a lot of clubs which made me feel better. Being part of a club and helping our community made me feel really good.

Masarra Mohammed, senior