Senior Soccer Exemplifies Leadership


Kate Bailey

Seniors varsity soccer players Lauren Bolduc, Kate Bailey, Mckenzie Paulo, Chelsea Hoey, Katie Beliveau, Emily Letendre, and Elise Paier after tryouts.

Molly Kennedy, Sports Editor

Girls soccer at West Side is entering this year having won three consecutive Western Mass titles. Seniors are entering their final year of high school soccer, and are on the road to becoming four-time Western Mass winners. Their team is led by four senior captains; Lauren Bolduc, Kate Bailey, Mckenzie Paulo, and Chelsea Hoey. Along with three other seniors who help lead team; Katie Beliveau, Emily Letendre, and Elise Paier.

Brenda WilsonMarti has been coaching girls soccer at West Springfield High School for 19 years.  “Our seniors are leaders in all of our drills and we are able to go to talk to them for anything,” said varsity soccer player, junior Lauren Armstrong. Seniors hold themselves to a high standard, and are ready to lead the team for their last high school soccer season.

The the senior class in 3rd grade playing for a soccer league. Most of the girls who played together then, are playing together now in high school.

Soccer typically starts at a very young age, which is why the girls are so close and emotionally attached to each other and the sport. “I have been playing them since I was five years old,” said senior and captain Chelsey Hoey. The girls have a strong chemistry and have helped shape each other into the people they have become. Although keeping their energy throughout the season is hard, they continue to motivate each other. “Practicing and playing nearly everyday of the season can be tiring, but I would not trade it for the world,” said Lauren Bolduc.

The seniors have not had it easy despite being Western Mass winners since their freshman year. They have upheld the title of what it means to be a varsity soccer player and are looked up to by their younger teammates. “The upperclassmen have served as role models by cheering us all on and boosting our confidence,” said sophomore varsity soccer player Kyleigh Chapman. The seniors also want to be the best players they can be by being the best people they can be. They are constantly talking about how they can help better the team.  “I have not only changed as a player, but as a person too,” said Hoey. Not only does the team value winning, they are equally committed to playing with good sportsmanship. 

The girls have created so many unique memories over the past three years, such as last year when they became Western Mass champions for the third consecutive year. They played their biggest rival, Minnechaug, and had lost two times previously to them that season. At half time were losing 1-0. They were able to make a comeback with ten minutes left in the game and won 2-1. This was a special moment because they had worked the entire season to get to that point and never gave up. 

Upperclassmen really set the tone at games and are able to help underclassmen who are new to the intensity of a varsity sport. “As our coach Marti says, in games and practices, ‘energy starts with you, juniors and seniors,’” said Lauren Armstrong. Soccer is a team sport that is easier to play once well bonded, so in order to achieve that family-like bond, the girls have pasta parties before every game and spend a lot of time together in practice which is six days a week. Seniors ensure they are there for the underclassmen. “Off the field I try to be a person my teammates can talk to about any issues and be a support system for them,” said senior captain, Kate Bailey. The seniors have worked very hard for their starting spots. Lauren Bolduc recalled not getting a ton of playing time her freshman and some of her sophomore year. “Having to work for what I have now has truly taught me so many lessons and made me into who I have become,” she said.


Kate Bailey
Seniors varsity soccer players Lauren Bolduc, Kate Bailey, Mckenzie Paulo, Chelsea Hoey, Katie Beliveau, Emily Letendre, and Elise Paier after tryouts.

Although holding many titles, the West Side girls soccer program remains very humble, and they continue to work and improve their skills. Their bond remains at the center or their success. “We are all a family and are always here to support each other,” said Bolduc. They have formed a very close connection because they started playing from a very young age. After playing for this many years of soccer they will cherish all the wins but truly remember the good memories and friendships they have created with one another. “I can count on them on and off the field will miss them team so much,” said Kate Bailey.