‘Almost, Maine’ Examines Relationships in a Small Town Setting

Mikayla Kudron, A&E Editor

Director, Mrs. Svec, works closely with actors during rehearsals.

The West Springfield High School drama club is kicking off the school year with a new production. Almost, Maine is a collection of love stories, all taking place in the town of Almost, Maine. Every scene is full of emotion and some fantastical twists and turns. 

“I’m really excited for the year to get started,” explained senior drama club member Mia Sbalbi, “I know from the people who auditioned that the play will be awesome.”

One of the reasons director and WSHS English teacher Mrs. Svec chose the play was the freedom in casting. Because most characters only appear in one scene, the play can be done with a small or large cast.  ”The nice thing about this play is that there are nineteen characters, but it can be done with four,” she explained.  “I could have easily done it with four, but so many new people were so excited and so passionate and so talented.” There are a lot of diverse characters that the actors are excited to portray. The show includes a wide range of characters of all different ages, personalities, and situations.  “I really liked that in this show there’s a same sex couple,” Sbalbi explained. Almost, Maine was written to be relatable to the entire audience.

Almost, Maine contains themes of love, coming of age, and friendship. Junior Avery MacGrath expressed that she was excited to see how the play turned out, especially because the cast and crew will have a few obstacles to overcome. MacGrath explained that, “There’s a scene when sex is implied, and the innuendos are awkward.” Many members of the drama club, however, are willing to step out of their comfort zone for the production. Mrs. Svec believes the play will help expand the actors’ abilities, although some aspects of the play have been altered to be more school appropriate.

Another challenge will be the set. “The Northern Lights are a recurring theme in the show,” Sbalbi explained, “And we don’t want to just use a projector, we want it to look real.” The drama club typically make their own props and set pieces, so they certainly have a lot on their plates for the upcoming performance. As of now, the drama club is lucky to have WSHS art teacher Mr. Bell assisting with the lighting of the show to create the Northern Lights. 

The drama club is beyond excited to share their hard work with WSHS and make the love, heartbreak, and emotions come to life on the stage. “People need to be prepared to come and see themselves on the stage,” explained Mrs. Svec, “Everybody has had some kind of emotional relationship and as high school students, you can really relate to that.” The drama club will be performing Almost, Maine during the first two weeks in December, at the WSHS auditorium. The drama club is beyond excited to share their hard work with WSHS students, friends and families.


Main Cast:

Devin Gearty – Dave

Kacie Schwarzenbach – Gayle

Leylanis Barbot – Waitress and Danny’s wife

Emilee Brown- Ginette

Ethan Garstka – Steve

Avery MacGrath – Deena

Mia Sbalbi – Glory

Robin Thacher – Sandrine

Isabelle Williams – Shelley

Boston Williams – Dan

Gillian Gray – Marvalyn

Sara LaFrance – Rhonda

Bri Dexter – Marci

Dylan Mayer – Phil

Tyler Alves – Lendyall

Bradley Gallacher – Pete and Jimmy

Jayden Leighty – East

Sam Hartman – Hope


Fatima Ali – Marvalyn

Andra Fleury – Hope

Bella Carter – Gayle

Toni Perakis – Rhonda

Lauren Cincotta – Glory

Phyllis Landers-Stanley -Waitress and Danny’s wife

Sydney Miltimore – Deena

Yole Tiangbe – Sandrine

Sophia Pedro – Shelley

Denis Shapovalov – East, Dan, Jimmy and Peter