West Side Welcomes New School Counselor


Mr. Moge

Madelyn Drohan, Staff Reporter

This year, WSHS welcomed new staff members and new changes to the guidance office. The term guidance counselor has been replaced by school counselor. School counselors not only help with academics, but they also address students’ social-emotional development and help them develop their college and future careers.

Another change in the department was the retirement of Mr. Scanlon and the addition of Mr. Moge. One of the main reasons Mr. Moge wanted to be a high school counselor was because of his positive experience with his counselor when he was in high school. “I had a very wonderful experience with my high school counselor,” Mr. Moge recalled. His high school counselor helped him out of his comfort zone socially and academically. He would like to help West Side students as much as his counselor helped him. Even though this is Mr. Moge’s first year of helping to guide students involves a lot of hard work, he still finds fun in getting to know the students. He enjoys helping them navigate their years of high school or prepare for their future in college. Mr. Moge not only helps students with their future but with their academics. He tries to help them improve to the best of his abilities. 

In Mr. Moge’s final year in graduate school at Westfield State University, he interned with Mrs. White, a fellow school counselor, so although this may be his first year being an official school counselor he is no stranger to West Side High. 

“Mr. Moge was always willing to assist with any project. He jumped in to organize and completely run the academic pep rally,” Mrs. White said. She continued, “He was willing to learn every aspect of being a school counselor.” 

Even though the start of the school year was overwhelming, Mr. Moge felt supported.  “My fellow staff members in the school have been nothing but welcoming and supportive of my transition into this job,” he said. He described working in the guidance department so far as fantastic, and whenever he has a question his coworkers are understanding willing to help him. 

Although Mr. Moge had a part-time internship all year last year, he enjoys that this year he has the opportunity to be more involved with the school; he’s even the coach of the boys’ freshman soccer team. “It is awesome to be a player on Mr. Moge’s team! He is a very fun and supportive coach. He respects all the players and gives us all a fair shot,” said freshman soccer player, Timothy Gaughan. Even though this is his first year of being a soccer coach, he has had eight years of experience as a player when he was in school. Whether it be in or outside of the building, Mr. Moge is committed to finding ways to help students succeed in their future.