One Direction pleases crowd


Tiffany Cavanaugh, Reporting Staff

On September 12th, 2015, One Direction held a sold-out concert in Gillette Stadium. It was a perfect afternoon for a concert– not too cold or hot.
Many were disappointed that Zayn Malik was not in the band anymore but overall, the concert still went on as expected. In the two hours that they performed, they managed to keep the crowd entertained.

Before the concert, there were two opening acts, Augustana and Icona Pop. From the minute Augustana came on, he was fantastic. He played both the piano and guitar and his tone was perfection. Augustana used to be a band of about seven members, but now there is only one member in the band. His name is Dan Layus. When Dan performs there is no distracting background. He performs with simple vocals and piano or guitar. After performing a set, Icona Pop came on stage. They got the crowd dancing with their specialty– dance music.

One Direction came on at about 9pm. The stadium was filled with screaming fans. Despite Zayn no longer a member, they were still good live. Harry Styles was the funniest person on stage, and he put on a comedic show. Styles talked about a bass player from the band that is getting married. He asked him about it and then cut him off. Harry was very talkative with audience members. He asked a girl from the audience why she was using her phone during the show because she was texting and not paying attention. Harry pretended he was on a phone and made funny noises pretending to zoom in and out and made beeping noises which got the crowd laughing.

Throughout the show One Direction remained very involved with the audience. At one point, an elderly woman mentioned this was her third concert. The first band she ever saw was The Beach Boys and her second was The Beatles and she announced that this was the best show she had seen yet. As the night wound down, the band members got everyone pumped up. Towards the end of the concert, Liam Payne ran around the stage in a banana costume. He then took it off and threw the costume into the audience.  Even more impressive was when One Direction dedicated one song to a young cancer patient. Her name was Miley and she sat front row. It was a touching moment. Overall, One Direction put on a good show for their fans. They played well, engaged their audience and left them feeling like they were friends with the four band members.