Spotlight: What Motivates You to Come to School Everyday?

What Motivates you to come to School Everyday?

“I need to come here to get out into the world and do what I want to do.” – Andra Fleury, junior


“So I can go to college and get good grades.” – Emily Lozinski, freshman


“I want to become a veterinarian when I am older, so I have to come to school. School challenges me to be my best self.” – Emily Robertson, junior


“The kids!” – Mrs. Holland, English teacher


“My mom and dad.” – Paul Malinoski, senior


“Seeing all the students come to school on a daily basis with joy and excitement in their faces with expectations to better their future. #yeahblue wooooooooo” – Coach Griffin


“My friends.” – Grace Wayrynen, junior


“Money hahaha; actually, seeing the kids.” – Mr. Steve Svec