Pace Contributes To Success, Spirit Of The Golf Team


Photo Courtesy of Adam Ciborowski

The 2019 golf team, pictured with freshman Olivia Pace.

Tiffany Rivera , Reporter

This year, one of the top golf players was not only a freshman but was the only female on the team. Olivia Pace has been playing golf since the age of seven. In her first year on the team, she had the privilege of learning and experiencing many new aspects of the game of golf, such as making new friends on the team, participating in new courses, and receiving the Coach’s Award.

Olivia first started off playing golf just for fun with her family.  She soon realized the love she had for golf and joined The First Tee. The First Tee is an international youth development organization introducing the game of golf to young children. She was on the Tee team for four consecutive years.  At one of her tournaments prior to high school, she was very close to winning the pin, or the flag.  The flags or pins are removed when the golf ball is shot close to the hole or if the ball is flying directly for the hole. 

Photo Courtesy of Olivia Pace
Olivia Pace at the golf banquet.

Two main influences on her golf career are Professionals E.J. Altobello and Taylor Schmidt. ¨They have both played a vital role in giving the best coaching and instruction,” Olivia said. She has participated in many local junior tournaments. Olivia also played in the Western Mass Girls Individual Golf Tournament this year and placed in the top half. Throughout her many years of playing, she has made many impressive accomplishments and her success continued in high school. 

When Olivia joined the high school golf team, the team and coach were very welcoming. They were all encouraging and quickly made her feel apart of the team. “From practices, matches, to the bus rides, it was always a fun time,” she recalled.  One of her teammates, Keegan Kearney said Olivia joining the team, ̈ forced the team to mature and work harder than before.”

Olivia was thankful for the experience. She made new friends and enjoyed herself. “I had many laughs on and off the courses,” she said.

 Not only did Olivia challenge other teams, but she also challenged her own which made the boys work harder and made them play better. She added to the bonding of the team greatly throughout the season. She was very comfortable with the team and would even bring baked goods on the bus to matches to share with everyone. It’s not easy being the only girl on an all-male team, but she made the best of it.  “It was an awesome season and I am looking forward to the next three years,” said Olivia.