Featured Artist: Anthony Tatro


Anthony Tatro

Artwork by Anthony Tatro

Chiara Douglas, Reporter

With the stroke of a pen, a glide of a sharpie, and a passion for art, Anthony Tatro, a junior at West Springfield High School, brings his imagination to life. Following a monochromatic minimalist style, Anthony explores the world of black and white.

Through inspiration from music, people, and his own emotions, Anthony’s development of his artwork is exemplary. He stated, “My artwork is seen as ‘dark,’ but I think it’s what you draw from it as a person and their perspective.” His art tells many stories that are open to multiple interpretations, but the message that is taken is the most meaningful.

Art by Anthony Tatro displayed on             the wall of the chorus room.

Anthony was never one to use many colors in his drawings. He continued, “I think to refrain from color is bold and different. If you can show the message or picture and they understand it without color, I think it’s nice.” His desire for Sharpies and pens of separate sizes create a realistic and deep tone. “I like how solid they are, and how much I can do with them,” he said. This style of art emulates his own thoughts and emotions, as well as his audience.

Along with pursuing his art as a hobby, Anthony creates pieces for the school. He has made posters for the clubs he is in such as robotics and chorus. Although each illustration brings diversity and a greater value to its classroom, Anthony related, “My favorite poster would be the chorus poster.” Ms. Oliver, the chorus teacher at West Springfield High School, stated, “the chorus poster completely embodies the aesthetic of the ensemble and gives new life to the program.” She continued, “It’s not every day that a student just puts together a brilliant image to represent a group of singers.  We all come from many walks of life and I’m excited to make this poster into our chorus fun shirts.” The poster illuminates Anthony’s talent and dives into the meaning of being a chorus member at West Springfield High School. The minor details and splash of color opens a welcoming world of experience and standing culture. 

Along with the interior of classrooms, Anthony has showcased his gift outside of school.

He elaborated, “I have posted things on social media; however, I have a lot of art that hasn’t been seen.” Anthony finds success in his posts on social media, along with the artwork he sells.

The graphics that Anthony displays signifies the message that art is visible everywhere. As a common creative outlet or something, you find acceptance in, art is a gateway to finding honest interpretation and purpose. He concluded, “I see art having a huge impact on my life. It has brought many things so far, and I am sure there is more to come.” Anthony exemplifies how to sincerely invoke emotion and gratitude in every individual that comes across his works.