Ski and Snowboarding Club


Photo courtesy of Keegan Kearney

Chiara Douglas, Reporter

Joining clubs in high school is a great way to make new friends, learn new skills, and have fun. The Ski Club, advised by Mrs. Foisy, a math teacher at West Springfield High School, allows the opportunity to try something new or join a fun and exciting club with friends. 

The Ski Club was reborn when a group of students approached Mrs. Foisy and asked for a continuation after their previous experiences in the Ski Club at the Middle School. “Students who enjoy the sport wanted to spend time with their friends while improving their skills on the slopes,” said Mrs. Foisy, who was very willing to advise the club.

In the past, the club went to Jiminy Peak once a week for six weeks, but now, there is one trip to Mount Snow which is scheduled for February 9th. Keegan Kearney, a senior at West Springfield High School, attended the long-awaited trip. He confessed that, “getting up to the summit, seeing the snow, and being able to see for miles,” was his most memorable experience on the mountain. Emma Counter, another senior at WSHS, revealed that, “the most rewarding experience of being a member of the Ski Club is spending the day with my friends doing something that we all love, which is shredding the mountain. It brings us closer together, bonding over a common hobby. Plus it’s funny to see your friends wipeout!” More members are needed in order to plan more trips! The planning of outings depends on the interest and participation of the students. 

One of the many fundraisers the Ski Club holds are film nights. This year on December 15th, the Warren Miller film, Timeless, was showcased in the auditorium to fundraise for their trip. Mrs. Foisy assured, “The fundraisers are successful, but more student involvement would equal more success.” Fundraising for these trips lowers the cost, and ultimately allows more students to get involved! 

Overall, skiing builds confidence, promotes healthy competition, and builds stronger friendships. Contact Mrs. Foisy or ask a member of the club for more information on how to join!

Photo courtesy of Emma Counter