Winter Season Sports Standouts

Molly Kennedy, Sports Editor

For this issue, we asked winter coaches to nominate one player that has had a positive impact on the team
this season. Here is what they had to say:

Hanna Amsden at an indoor track and field meet at Smith College
Alisha Ghossein at a football game with her coaches

Cheerleading: Alisha Ghossein
Alisha was chosen due to her positive attitude and desire to challenge herself to grow! Alisha is ALWAYS working hard. She never has to be told what to do!! She challenges herself in and outside of cheer. Alisha is always improving. She leads by example and is a true role model. She is a positive teammate whose presence brings energy and joy to all those around her! Alisha is a great flyer and of course an awesome cheerleader!! She is a true performer and stands out when she is on the mat!

Indoor Track-Hannah Amsden
Hannah competes in the High Jump, 55m High Hurdles, 4×4 Relay, and does the Pentathlon ( 55HH, 800, LJ, HJ, SP). Currently, she holds three school records indoor and two outdoor.She works hard in the classroom, works on her craft every day, and wants to succeed. She is a great teammate who has challenged herself each year doing new events and using all of her athletic ability.
At meets, she shows sportsmanship towards other competitors along with believing in her teammates.

Michael Russell shooting a layup at a basketball game.

Boys Basketball-Michael Russell
Michael has been part of the WSHS Boys Basketball program since his freshman year. This is his second year on the varsity boys basketball team and he was named a team Captain within the first week. Michael is also a three-sport athlete and for us, he is the ultimate leader. He has shown leadership in so many different ways. When he was a sophomore playing on junior varsity, he was challenged by his then coach, the late Keven Campbell, to stop playing with his hair and to focus more during a game. The next day, he showed up to practice with his head shaved. Completely amazing. He has continued to show that leadership with our varsity team. Michael is the one guy that is always positive to others. He is the loudest guy in the gym, always picking up his teammates, and cranking his tunes up for all of us to enjoy. He is hard on himself but never blames other people. Michael has been a pleasure to have in our program. I hope that his level of commitment and integrity shows this young team what it takes to be a good leader. Thank you, Michael Russell, for an amazing four seasons with the WSHS Boys Basketball Program! We wish you the best as you graduate in the Spring! – Coach Aponte

Hockey-Casey Bridges and Jack Castor.
Both of them are great leaders on and off the ice.