Proud To Be A Part Of Patriots Nation

Eric Bergeron, Contributing Writer

Six rings. One for every Super Bowl title. Regardless of the punishing whims of the league dictator, the Pats have overcome. The Pats continue to overcome. Accusations of cheating, deflated footballs, and a quarterback who has been described as “not in NFL shape”, have all been hindrances which were used to win the New England Patriots 6 Lombardi trophies. A four-game suspension of the Super Bowl MVP would cripple the seasons of even the league’s most successful franchises, but not the Patriots because the Pats overcome. 

Being a Pats fan is being an overcomer, a part of a nation that has the mindset to march the ball down the field and make comebacks, extend leagues, and win football games. Those who find fault in the mindset of Patriots fans are simply not winners. They don’t have the mindset to stick with a team through thick and thin and still come out on top. They have qualms because they are jealous that we have the faith and the drive to overcome our obstacles no matter what tools we are given. Tom Brady was not born into football, he was built by the Pats, and those who dislike him know that their teams cannot build Tom Brady’s talent. When a team is the best they’re allowed to say so. If other fans get jealous, so be it. The truth is that every team has seasonal highs and lows, and every professional team has scandals because they are constantly under surveillance. But not every team has 6 Super Bowl rings, a coach in the 300 wins club, and a QB who is statistically proven to be one of the best Quarterback of all time. Not every team can overcome.