Students Speak Out: Mandatory Flu Vaccine

Illustration by Mackenzie Smith


The flu virus has affected millions of people nationwide for years. As COVID-19 shares similar symptoms with the common virus, Massachusetts has mandated all children and students enrolling in childcare, pre-school, K-12, and post-secondary institutions to receive the flu vaccine by December 31, 2020. Unless a medical or religious reason is obtained, students will not be able to attend in-person learning unless they get the vaccine by that date. Massachusetts, along with 6 other states in the US, are requiring this mandate. Students from WSHS were given the opportunity to share their views on the recent mandate as they responded to the following question: 



“I think it should be mandatory if you want to go to school, but otherwise it’s just a really smart idea, and I don’t think you can require people to be smart.” -Mr. Brown, English teacher


“Certainly. Other vaccines are required, so why should a flu vaccine not be? There is no harm in trying to prevent a yearly disease from spreading.” – Christopher Sbalbi, Senior


“No, absolutely not. It should be the person’s right to decide if they want it or not. It never was mandatory and it shouldn’t be now.” -Mario Soto


“I think there should be a mandatory flu vaccine because it would be a hassle for both students and administration to deal with COVID-19 and the flu at once.” – Julianna Hoague, Junior


“While I think it can be recommended more, I do not think it needs to be mandatory. Whether or not a student gets the flu shot is up to them and their parents.” – Kathryn Lynch, Junior


“No, there shouldn’t be because no one should be able to force a vaccine into your body.” – Lauren Cauley, Junior


“Yes, it helps create a safer environment and it lets us feel more content with going back to school.” Anthony Johnston, Senior 


“I think if you can get it you should, but if you can’t because of a reaction then you shouldn’t be forced on it. If you can’t get the flu shot you should stay extremely safe during flu season because if you get both it will affect you really badly.” – Angelina Comi, Junior


“Yes, vaccines in general should be mandatory because they don’t just help protect the person who receives the vaccine. If an unvaccinated person gets sick with something like the flu which can be vaccinated, they are putting everyone around at a higher risk of getting it. It’s just greedy to not get vaccinated just like if a person refuses to wear a mask.” – Ryan Price, Senior


“No, I think if it’s against religion, culture, beliefs etc. people should not be forced to get it. I think informing everyone on how it can be beneficial, is more than enough. There’s also no studies that have proven it helps, it said it can just lessen the person’s chance of getting it. but it’s not 100%.” Madison Hosmer


“I think there should because the vaccine could very much help keep away symptoms of the virus. We are given so many freedoms in this country that I don’t think the government would be asking too much from us if a vaccine is required.”- Kayla Walsh, Sophomore