Students Speak Out Survey Responses

Do the mental health risks of full remote learning outweigh the physical health risks of being in school? Explain why or why not.

Yes, I think they do because you could die from the virus and if we go back to school, we could spread the virus even more and we would have to go back to full remote anyway. Even though remote learning seems bad, it is way better than having the COVID-19 virus.”- Jason Fuentes, Grade 11

“Yes because we are lacking social interaction with being remote and we need social interaction with others in order to prepare for the future.”- Lauren Armstrong, Grade 12

“I feel like if the school and the students do a great job at preventing the spread, then I feel like the mental health risks outweigh the physical health because some people cannot learn during remote learning and they are struggling.” -Nathaniel Riberdy, Grade 11

“I think it depends on the person and who they are surrounded by. If someone has grandparents or people at risk who live with them, then no. However, I would much rather be in school right now than online because I struggle online due to no motivation and not as much assistance from teachers. For me it is harder to speak up online because I don’t know anyone which makes school so much harder.” -Kylie McKenzie, Grade 9

“Yes. Countless kids aren’t able to see their friends and have any social activity. This is causing depression. In my opinion, being depressed with social distancing is worse than getting Covid.” -Eliott Berz, Grade 10


What impact has being remote had on your overall learning? 

“It’s definitely made it harder, because as much as I hated having to go to school so early and do work, I really needed that structure. I liked seeing home as the place where I can relax, but now it’s this weird mix between that and work. I naturally associate my room with sleep and doing homework, but I’ve had to turn it into my classroom as well…” -Andromeda Fleury, Grade 12

“It is sometimes hard because of technical difficulties, but it’s overall just boring at times. I miss being in school physically. Online school is okay and it hasn’t really changed my learning, it’s just kind of forcing people to expect more out of me because I’m at home all day so it’s annoying.” -Tyra Moore, Grade 9

“I enjoy remote learning. I think it’s easier and much more effective than hybrid will be. I feel as though hybrid will be confusing and much more complicated for students than just staying home.” Arushi Patel, Grade 12 

“I feel like I am not learning as much remotely as I would be in person. I don’t think I am retaining information as well. It is more of just passing and getting good grades that I am worried about. Compared to when I am in school, I am more focused and I learn more.” -Kylie MaKenzie, Grade 9

“I think remote learning hasn’t affected my learning much, I’ve honestly benefited from it. Learning remotely has made me a bit more independent, it’s made me more aware of the time I have and how I use it. It can be a bit challenging at times, and it definitely feels odd. It’s a lot less personal than traditional school is, I miss being able to physically see and interact with my classmates and teachers. But other than the emotional effects of it, I personally haven’t had much trouble with remote learning.” -Kelsy Louis, Grade 9


Has quarantine affected your body image? If so, how and why? (Responses are anonymous)

“Yes, while being in quarantine, I didn’t have too many responsibilities to take care of… While being in quarantine, I have been able to learn to love myself more and not be afraid of or hate how I look as much as before.” 

“Yes, I personally think quarantine helped my body image and made me more confident. I have used quarantine as a time to focus on myself. I have watched my friends suffer with body image over quarantine, giving them time to dwell on their flaws.” 

“Since quarantine, I have been exercising more and trying to eat healthier. Since everyone had been instructed to stay inside, I wanted to keep a healthy body that wasn’t too affected by the downsides of staying inside for months. Keeping up with an exercise schedule and eating healthy foods has also been good for my mind, since I feel good after I exercise or eat something healthy.” 

“Yeah, it has. I’ve never been a confident person. I don’t like my body at all, and gaining weight during quarantine worsened how I see myself… I just want to be able to see myself normally.” 


Do you feel that our school is supportive of both Conservative and Liberal points of view? Explain why or why not.

“Not at all. Most views of the conservative beliefs are not expressed at all by the school, rather the students who believe conservatives have to live in the dark, afraid of being called racists, white suprematists, and over all, other people start to form an image in their head that we are all of a sudden the worst people ever. We are worried we are going to lose friends, because the mainstream media and the liberal party has led Americans into believing that conservative people are the worst people ever.” -David Exware, Grade 12

“I wouldn’t describe the school as supportive of either, but instead as tolerant. I think that it’s good to be tolerant and let the students express the views they have, so long as they do it respectfully. I don’t think it would be a good idea for the school to be inherently supportive of either ideologies because when that happens, bias comes in, and then one is being favored over the other. Schools shouldn’t be endorsing any political ideas or influencing their students to think a certain way, but they should offer a safe space for students to discuss if they want to.” -Kelsy Louis, Grade 9


“I feel like the school is supportive of both, however there is a bias for liberal viewpoints since from what I can tell more teachers are liberals than conservatives, however the open conservatives are very open about their viewpoints as well balancing it out somewhat.” -Brian Huynh, Grade 12  


“I think there are an excessive amount of republicans in our school who aren’t exactly respectful or mindful of other students’ political opinions. As far as faculty and staff, I think they’ve done a pretty good job of staying quiet of their political points of views as they should.” Kayliah Bridgeforth, Grade 10


Since we have been paperless during remote learning, do you think we should remain paperless when we return to school? Why or why not?

“I think paper should be optional when we return to school. If some students prefer paper or cannot be on screens for extended periods of time, the option should be available; however, I feel that remaining mostly paperless would not only prevent unnecessary potential spread, but also be beneficial to our environment.” Lola Casillas, Grade 12 

“No, because being online all the time is a struggle due to the frequent headaches, eye strain, and I feel like online assignments take more energy than paper does. Personally, I like to use paper every now and then… I find it refreshing, especially in these circumstances.” – Kylie McKenzie, Grade 9

“Yes. I heard that all paperwork needs to be quarantined for two days. This would slow down the grading process as some errors might occur.” – Lily Beals, Grade 12

“I think having paper is good, looking at screens is frustrating, although we should drastically limit our paper usage to just the most necessary things, such as notes and tests. Activities can be done on the computer.” Ella Plosky, Grade 9

“Personally, I need to write things down to remember them, and since it is all on the computer, it’s kind of difficult for me.” – Payton Colbert, Grade 9


How important is it to keep up with the news? Explain.

It’s important to keep informed, but it is also important to be aware of fake, or biased news sites. If people only look to one news site for information, they could be obtaining one side of a story, instead of getting opinions from many people. Fake news is also a big problem, as it can spread things that are simply wrong, or it can spread things that are crazy enough to be believable.”- Kayla Walsh, Grade 10 

I feel like it is important to keep up with the news on a fairly regular basis from an unbiased source. In many cases, news stories (especially local ones) affect you, so it is important to stay in the loop of what’s happening in the world around you.” – Lola Casillas, Grade 12 

“I don’t think it is important because sometimes it can be overwhelming.”- Aya Ibrahim, Grade 12

“I mean depending on the kind of news you are watching/listening to, it can be important but most news is biased and propaganda so you should be careful as to watch news you are following and if you like to watch it make sure you get the truth and if there are sides get both sides.” -Calysa Moody, Grade 9


How do you feel about high school sports seasons getting cancelled? 

“I’m sad school sports are getting cancelled, but I feel it’s for the best. Speaking from experience from doing indoor Track and now doing Cross Country, starting indoors and going outside is beneficial since it’s so cold outside. For our health and safety, if we can’t go inside, high school sports (especially ones that go over into colder times) should get cancelled.” -Melania Noemi Diaz, Grade 10

“I’m sad that sports got cancelled, but I think it was the best decision… there are a lot of people and contact, and it seems safer if they didn’t happen at all. Even though some sports were modified, like soccer, there is still direct contact so it really doesn’t help.” – Mya Lopez, Grade 10

“I am extremely upset. I feel that the administration didn’t come up with a plan that would’ve worked for each individual sport, and rather just canceled all sports. Some sports are far less dangerous than others in terms of contact and social distancing, and they could’ve been continued if there was a plan involved.” – Chloe Bramlett, Grade 12

“I am very disappointed, since I only do one sport throughout the year and it’s a sport I really love. There are also many people that are graduating this year that I won’t get to spend anymore time with because we won’t have a season. My team is super fun, and everyone works hard and cares about each other, and I’m very sad that I get one less year to compete with them and wear my school’s colors.” – Kayla Walsh, Grade 10


Do you know anyone who tested positive for COVID 19? (No names please) If so, how did it impact them? (Responses are anonymous)

“I know famous celebrities that had COVID that made me rethink about the virus itself, but no one who was very close to me.”

“I don’t know anyone personally, no. I feel like if it was as common as people portray it to be I would know somebody… However, I do think it’s serious.”

“Many of my family members have gotten it, and it has impacted their life majorly. They lost sense of their taste which made them not want to eat. They have gotten depression because of being alone all the time.” 

“I have a friend who traveled, so they had to get tested when they came back. They said it made them realize that this is a pretty serious situation and the president doesn’t seem to be doing much about it. They tested negative but it’s still crazy to think about how easy you could catch this virus and not even know about it.”

“My parents got tested positive near the beginning of the pandemic, unsurprising as my dad works at a college and my mom is a nurse. It left them bed bound and even hospitalized my dad. It put some strain on the money we could spend with more things to pay off.” 

“Yes, I know a few people that have. They had to get sent home from school and stay quarantined, and they were separated from their friends and family which made them feel so much more worse about everything going on.” 

“Yes, it impacted me by getting me sick too. I had gotten COVID-19 and I was really scared about how it was going to affect me and the person that gave it to me, because at the time no one knew anything about it. I didn’t know if I was going to be able to get up the next morning and see my family, and I also didn’t  know how it was going to affect me in the long run. It just got me nervous and scared but at the end everything was fine.” 

“There was only one person from my family that I know who tested positive for COVID-19. Unfortunately, they passed away because of COVID, and I never got to see that person again.”