Students Speak Out: Homework


After spending hours staring at screens, students can often feel discouraged and overwhelmed by the amount of work they are doing outside of class. Although the remote learning model currently does not require homework in addition to the work done during class time, many are finding themselves still working after classes to keep up with the workload. Students at West Springfield High School shared their differing opinions on the subject:


Should we stop requiring homework/work done outside of time allotted for class? What is or is not working about this current policy while remote learning?

“I think that during a time when everything is done remotely, homework can be really difficult to complete. For me personally, the lack of a physical difference between being at school and being at home has made it hard to stay focused on completing homework. When I spend the whole day in one place staring at a computer screen for school and then have to stay in the same place with the same screen for homework, it puts me under a lot of mental strain.” – Robin Thacher, Grade 12


“Absolutely. Other countries have done it, and there was an improvement to students’ grades because of it. Kids aren’t robots, they’re human beings, and they shouldn’t be expected to do two-three hours of work after already doing four-six. It’s not healthy. Schools pile on hours of work onto students and then scratch their heads, wondering why students are so depressed and tired all the time. Then they blame cell phones for students not performing well. It’s incredibly unhealthy for students to stay up till 11 pm doing school work, but schools don’t seem to care one bit. It’s infuriating.” – Helen Sanders, Grade 9


“Most of the work I get after hours is usually classwork I need to finish, but I still think that, yes, we should stop requiring homework/work done outside of time allotted for class.” – Seanxavier Sandiego, Grade 11


“I personally don’t mind homework and believe it does have it’s benefits, but for some and myself as well it can be mentally challenging as we all have our own problems. I think that right now we should limit the homework given and then once everything has settled we can start to give homework slowly. Mental health is so important and sometimes I feel that teachers don’t understand it.” – Vanna Nguyen, Grade 9


“Absolutely. If the time during the day was used effectively, there would be no need for work outside of school hours unless the student was behind. I think our teachers do great work here, but I still believe school should take place during school hours. There are plenty of schools around the world that have adopted systems like this, such as Denmark, and have seen great academic success with it. Definitely something I have a strong belief in.” – Derrick Fountain Jr., Grade 10


“This answer may be unpopular, but I think doing homework outside of school is useful in helping to maintain information and even learn some things not taught in class. The thing I find not working is in my opinion, is staring at a screen for hours on end- it may affect the body in time.” – Christopher Filip, Grade 9


“I think that if we have some unfinished classwork or independent work then we should finish it when we have time. But assigning homework and more work for us to do out of class shouldn’t be required because it is too much for us students to handle, and it can take time away from our social life.” – Miygul Umarova, Grade 9