Featured Artist- January 2021: Carly Chambers


Stephanie Rangel

An elephant sewn by Carly Chambers accompanied by a thoughtful and uplifting message

Chiara Douglas, Arts and Entertainment Editor

With endless vision and careful precision, Carly Chambers, a senior at West Springfield High School, builds on her creativity through passion and success. Using simplistic materials like needles and thread, Carly indulges in constructing different pieces organically.

Through fond memories with her parents, Carly’s love for sewing has grown from a young age. “When I was little my mother taught me how to sew… My favorite material to sew were my father’s socks. I would purposely cut holes in them and sew them back together. When my father found out he threw them away, but I still found it fun, even though I ruined some really good pairs of his.” Her works of art are molded by family, trust, and an unyielding admiration for the power of simplicity.

Using colored felt, online templates, and hot glue guns, Carly finds inspiration within herself and the joy of others. She elaborated, “I want to create something that they will cherish for a long time and something that I feel proud of.” As innovations for future projects arise, Carly stays true to her craft, and capitalizes on the importance of dedication and experimentation.

Carly Chambers

Along with pursuing her art as a hobby, Carly creates pieces strictly to put a smile on others faces. She explained that during the early months of the pandemic, she took to social media to promote her projects, where she would safely package and deliver them in hopes to make their day in these tough times better. She stated, “I don’t charge anything for my work because I feel like sharing is the best payment I could ask for… if they’re happy, I am happy.”

Carly’s desire for happiness in others and vulnerability within is undoubtedly represented when visualizing her craft. She confided, “My artwork reflects who I am and what my passions are.” She continued, “I sew because it is enjoyable for me and I want to share what I love to do with others.” Her innate ability to radiate laughter and joy to the people around her brings a sense of stability and meaning to her pieces of art that are tough to recreate.

As feelings of accomplishment ensue, the relentless love and relatability for others continues to shine. Carly concluded, “I hope more people will feel comfortable showing their talents whether it is art related or not. I think everyone has something special they want to share with others, so it is a start to share it with family and friends.”