Students Speak Out: Capitol Violence


On January 6th, a violent riot broke out at the United States Capitol building. Supporters of President Trump rallied and later marched to the Capitol before forcing their way in. Five people died as a result of the incident including a Capitol Police Officer. Lawmakers were evacuated, others sheltered in their offices as members of the mob entered the Senate chamber, and even in some congressional offices. Since the attack, people around the country and the world are coming to terms with the horrific nature of the attack and how much worse it could have been. The Terrier Times Staff asked students at West Springfield High School to respond to the following questions: 


What is your reaction to what occurred at the U.S. Capitol on Wed 1/6/21? What do you think is the most important lesson we can learn based on this event?


“The events at the Capitol were a big eye opener for how the government responded to certain groups of people. BLM protests were peaceful then were tear gassed and targeted by police yet a protest within the Capitol building had shown little to no equal response. A peaceful protest for racial equality was met with violence but a dangerous protest for control was met with cameras. Multiple videos were taken from inside the capitol building with protestors breaking down doors and windows, and even into the offices of the people there, as well as looting and spreading fear.” -Loron Hunter, Grade 10


“It was shocking, I was horrified to see that people would go that far to get something. I think it is important to learn that violence is never the answer and we can see that after the government only pushed the agenda against what the group wanted more after the violence occurred.” -Mya Landry, Grade 12


“It was terrifying. The fact that our congress was put in so much danger is really scary to think about and remembering all of the Americans who fought and died to keep the Confederate flag off of Capitol soil only for it to happen in 2021 is infuriating. This country was built on democracy and if that democracy is not upheld and respected we stand for nothing.”- Robin Thacher, Grade 12 


“My reaction is a disgusted loss for words. No one can deny that that was a blatant act of white supremacy and anarchy, led by trump supporters themselves. It is embarrassing to America. Americans need to learn how to be civil, and act out of discussion not pure chaos. We need to correct our flaws instead of trying to hide them and acting like its fine, because America puts ITSELF in danger with acts like the Capitol storming.” -Julia Harris, Grade 12


“It scared me. If all that has happened throughout 2020 and all leading up to and including the event at the Capitol can happen, it feels like there is no limit to what could happen in the future.”- Mackenzie Smith, Grade 12