Student Artist Recognized in National Contest

Lauren Cincotta, Editor in Chief

From L.A to Anchorage, to the U.S Capitol, the image is striking. A bright blue sky highlights a dark silhouette of the barbed wire fence and the black letters which read, “No Boundaries”. This artwork, which has been projected in cities across the country, was created by WSHS senior Eduardo Miranda, a student in Ms. Lepine’s Photography 2 class. This past fall, WSHS Art Teacher Rachel Lepine shared a 30 minute video lesson with her students. The video was part of’s ‘In Pursuit Of’ project which asked students to submit artwork depicting what they are in pursuit of.  “I asked my students to create 2 posters that fit the theme of what are you ‘In Pursuit of’…. using an image and very little text,” said Lepine. Students could take their own images or use one from the Creative Commons Website. Then each student chose 1 poster to submit to Amplifier for the chance to be featured in a nationwide projection series and a J. Paul Getty Museum exhibit. Thirty winners were chosen out of over 1,500 entries. Eduardo Miranda and his submission, No Boundaries, were one of the 30 winners selected. 

Miranda reflected on what he was “In Pursuit of”, and shared that he was inspired by people overcoming limitations imposed on them by the world. “Many limitations or boundaries can prevent people from having access to many things like education, human rights/justice, and even the freedom to express yourself. The message behind ‘No Boundaries’ can be interpreted in many ways but the main thing I want people to take away would be that people deserve to have more opportunity to do more good in the world,” Miranda said. Using fewer words with the image adds to the impact of the project. “I wanted to do something simple that then had a deeper meaning once people looked at the poster with the caption and thought of it for a while,” he added. 

Miranda himself took the picture that he used for the project. “The area was pretty open which also allowed me to have the sky as the background. After I found something I could work with, I just took a close up picture of the barbed wire fence,” he continued. He feels that this image best embodies the message he wanted to share, “the sky’s the limit for the countless possibilities people can achieve and that the boundary (the barbed wire) shouldn’t stand in anyone’s way.” 

The 30 winners of the contest had their artwork projected nationwide during the week of President Joe Biden’s inauguration. The themes of the projects ranged from unity, climate change, social justice, and the COVID-19 pandemic. All of the images represent the vision for a better future that is shared by many, especially young people. Miranda was honored and a little surprised to see that his work was selected along with all of the other excellent entries. The gallery of submissions for the “In Pursuit of…” campaign can be viewed at