Former Student Joins Art Department

Lauren Cincotta, Editor in Chief

This semester, there is a new face in the WSHS Art Department. Ms. Chambers, currently teaching 2D Foundations, 3D foundations, and Art History, is also an alumna of WSHS. During her time as a high school student, she always gravitated towards art. “I spent 80% of my time in the art rooms with my art teachers,” she recalled.

Her passion for art prompted her studies in college. She started off at Greenfield Community College, before spending a semester at MassArt in Boston and finishing her degree at Umass Amherst. There, she studied Fine Arts, Printmaking, and Art Education. Taking on a teaching job during the transition to hybrid learning has brought along with it a new set of challenges, though it is also a great learning opportunity.  

“Thankfully I think my biggest challenge is the same challenge every teacher is experiencing with hybrid learning still being so new. Giving students equal attention and interacting with them all is really important to me, so it’s hard to have that disconnect with the folks at home,” she explained. Working through these difficulties with other teachers has provided a great source of support. Returning to her former high school to teach has been a positive experience, especially working with some of her former instructors in the art department.

“Gratefully I had an awesome high school experience, so coming back was very welcoming,” she added. The teachers in the art department are excited to welcome her. “Working with Tessa is a dream! We are so lucky to have her working with Ms. Kasunick and our students,” said Art Department Chair, Ms. Charron.  “It is heartwarming and affirming to have a former student be part of the Arts department faculty. I honestly couldn’t think of a better fit,” she added. The most exciting part of this experience for Ms. Chambers is getting to work with students, “I love helping my students build confidence in their creativity and I love making connections, no matter how small they are.”