Students Speak Out (March 2021)


What would you do first if you were the new president?


“I would put a lot more attention and funds towards mental health and helping the less fortunate.” 

Jovanny DeJesus, Grade 10


“I would find a way to stop plastic use and find ways to remove most of it.” -Akriti Bhattarai, Grade 9


“I would make equal pay for men and women and raise the minimum wage.” -Emma Paglia, Grade 10  


“I would like to extend free speech to social media platforms. Though I am not sure exactly how that would work since social media is not just in the US, it’s world wide. I feel that the argument that since they’re owned by private companies does not really hold up anymore since they are so powerful and have lots of influence on the masses, and they can remove anything they want to shift and form peoples opinions which is very concerning. It’s even more concerning if you think about all of the people on the internet that just take in everything they see as a fact.” -Matthew Kadlewicz, Grade 10


What smells trigger powerful memories to you? What do they remind you of?

Illustration by MacKenzie Smith


Every time I smell vanilla or a cellar type of smell I think of my great grandma’s house. I used to spend everyday there with her and my aunt, cousins, and friends which really brings me back to my nostalgic days, worry free, clueless, and happy.” -Johnathan Hernanadez, Grade 10 


“The specific smell of sports equipment and old gymnasium reminds me of being in gym class in Tatham, it’s a very particular smell that is hard to describe but it’s definitely a strong memory.” – Jillian Svec, Grade 10


Cinnamon triggers memories from when I was younger and did Tae Kwon Do because there used to be a little coffee shop nearby that would always smell like cinnamon.” -Jerry Trudeau, Grade 10


Fresh cut grass reminds me of summer.” – Kayliah Bridgeforth, Grade 10 


What was the best assignment you ever had and why?


“The best assignment I’ve ever had was to work with a group that we chose to write a play about a specific historical topic. My group and I were enjoying the assignment and wrote about 25 pages rather than the only 7 or 8 needed.” – Loron Hunter, Grade 10


“In high school the best assignment I ever had was drawing/creating my own food truck. I feel like it gave us our own freedom to work and pick what we want to do while working with a partner. It was educational but at the same time it was fun.” – Jenna Godbout, Grade 10


Drawing out characters from a book I read and creating soundtracks, both for English, I really enjoyed because they allow students to be creative and express themselves.” – Amanda McGann, Grade 10


“The best assignment I’ve ever had was a book project in 8th grade where I put together a scrapbook for a character in a novel. I enjoyed this project since I could incorporate art to create memorabilia that I was genuinely proud of making.” -Lauren Duquette, Grade 10 


What is one thing that you couldn’t get through the day without?


Every variance of sound and music for all of its intended purposes.” – Ms. Oliver, Chorus Director 


“I couldn’t get through a day without talking to my family. They help me out a lot and I enjoy learning from them and talking to them about random things as they always make me laugh.” -Arianna Santiago, Grade 10


“One thing I couldn’t get through the day without is definitely my phone. My phone is the one place I can just be my true self even if it’s just for a few seconds.” – Sophia Liventsov, Grade 10


“Coffee.” – Adam Pettazzoni, Grade 9


Music, reading and my imaginary world, because I need a healthy escape and those are my only ways.” -Alyssa Reay, Grade 10


Are there times/places where you feel being on your phone is inappropriate or rude? When, where and why?


I feel rude using my phone when I’m waiting in line for something, because I get nervous that I won’t hear a person calling to me, and I’ll hold up the line. I also think it’s inappropriate to use your phone, or at least look down at it, when you’re walking on a busy sidewalk or a busy hallway of a building. It can only end in disaster, and you might end up hurting someone if you’re careless.” – Kayla Walsh, Grade 10


“It is inappropriate to be on your phone when someone is visiting you, or if you are visiting someone else. The person you are visiting clearly took the time to spend time with you, so it is rude to put your phone as a higher priority.” – Lauren Duquette, Grade 10



What aspects of daily life do you think the pandemic has altered permanently? Explain.


I think people, especially those who work in the government will be more cautious about any other epidemic that may surface in the future. Due to the amount of money lost during this pandemic, I don’t think the government would let that happen again.” – Samuel Andica Rios, Grade 10


“Some kids’ abilities to learn and socialize because they have missed a lot of foundational skills during the pandemic that you need to be in school for.” -Michael Martone, Grade 10


“I think the pandemic has permanently altered our views on the world and has taught everyone to take less for granted and spend time with family and friends while you can.” – Emma Tryba, Grade 10


“One aspect of daily life that the pandemic has altered permanently is the ability to have a conversation with someone. During the pandemic many people have developed some form of anxiety.” – Sophia Liventsov, Grade 10


How do you feel about the state’s plan to increase in-person learning in April of 2021?


“I think going into full-time learning is a smart, good idea. The state just needs to be careful of how fast we go into full time learning or else it could spiral into another quarantine if not handled properly.” -Liam Pomeroy, Grade 9


I don’t like this idea. I feel like it should be up to the families and children to decide if they want to go back not up to the state. If you do not feel safe you should not be forced to go back.” – Jenna Godbout, Grade 10


“I think it’s a terrible idea. I understand that there are vaccines that are working but covid has such different symptoms for people and forcing people to go back to school in person is not right and should keep the hybrid schedule so those who need to stay home or don’t feel comfortable being school can still have that option. There’s too much of a risk for putting over a thousand teenagers in one building who don’t all take the pandemic seriously.” – Madelyn Drohan, Grade 12


“I think this plan is sudden and they just want to make up for whatever we may have lost during this remote time. I don’t think it was because it’s now completely safe to go back, it’s because there was a high demand from parents to go back.” – Amanda McGann, Grade 10


“I think it is a good idea so that kids and teachers can get into a “normal” routine or what will be normal for a while. I also think it is a good idea for children in primary school because this is the foundation and base for all the knowledge they are going to have to face in the coming years and remote learning doesn’t give them the best change to succeed.” – Mya Lopez, Grade 10


“Some people take a long time to fall into a routine, and until that happens it can be hard to focus and work productively. If everyone were sent back in April not only would it take people a long time to settle in but could extremely affect their grades negatively, not to mention the higher number of tests and exams going on around the end of the year. There would only be one quarter left at that point anyways so why go changing things and not wait and start fresh the next year.” – Loron Hunter, Grade 10