The Fall Play Is Back On Stage And Searching For Clues

Mariana Mora, Staff reporter

From left to right: Lamadia Strain, Helen Sanders, Briana Dexter, Sofia Pedro, Liam Pomeroy, Luciana Casillas, Adam Pettazzoni, and Leilani Houle

On Wednesday, September 15th the drama club held the first meeting of the year and an estimated number of 35 students arrived at West Springfield’s high school auditorium to find a role in the crew and cast of the fall production of Clue. This year’s play is a murder mystery based on the iconic Hasbro board game. Due to COVID-19, this was the first time in nearly two years that our school held club in-person meetings, and with that came a variety of students looking to be a part of a cause. Students in every club come together from different backgrounds, identities, ages, and genders. Clubs are a place where students can meet with others who share a common interest. So it comes with no surprise that energy for the fall production this year is higher than it’s ever been before. 

“Everyone has a role to play,” said Mrs. Svec, the WSHS Drama Club adviser. Beyond acting and being on the stage is behind the scenes where roles like make-up, painting, lights, sound, music, choreography, and choreographers are all important pieces to the puzzle. Sophomore, Eleanor Yates said, “It seems like a good way to make new friends and be a part of the school’s community. She further commented, “I would like to do painting or make-up.” Long-time drama club member sophomore Adam Pettazoni commented,” I’ve always wanted to be on stage and working with the crew members who are my friends. I watch TV shows and movies with my sibling all the time and for years now I dreamed of being in their shoes. Acting has grown to be a big passion of mine through our drama club.”

I cannot imagine my role here at West Side without seeing the progress my students made in their acting skills, I love how it feels like a family.

— Mrs. Svec, drama club adviser

 How about the students who aren’t fond of being center stage? As Ms. Svec said, anyone can get involved and have a role.  “I like helping people out behind the scenes, and being the center of attention is not my thing,” sophomore Alison Laveil said. She would like to be assistant stage manager and eventually take up the role of stage manager. Although everyone wants to join the drama club for different reasons, the feeling of importance and that your role also matters brings a strong feeling of community that students and teachers need, especially after two school years of isolation.

This year the previous co-adviser and director, Mrs. Svec, would like to take a step back from directing the plays and musicals this year but still is planning on staying involved. Chorus teacher, Mrs. Taylor, and math teacher, Mrs. Moloni, have taken on the role of producing the fall play and musical in the spring, along with the help of Mr. and Mrs. Svec. For this year’s play, Mrs. Moloni is directing for the first time. “I am excited to see what students and their talent can bring to the table,” she said.

Although, after teaching for over 21 years and 10 years of hard work producing the school’s fall plays, Mrs. Svec still enjoys leading the drama club.

“I cannot imagine my role here at West Side without seeing the progress my students made in their acting skills,” Mrs. Svec said. “I love how it feels like a family.” 

The drama club has already had auditions and is working on its first production of the year. It is based on the 1985 adaptation of the board game Clue. The first act begins at a remote location in a huge mansion where six guests are invited to a dinner party where blackmail and murder are on the menu, but when the host is discovered to be dead, they are all suspects.  Led by Wadsworth (the butler), played by sophomore Liam Trainor, it’s a hilarious adventure as they solve the mystery of “whodunit?”

The drama crew will direct a dress rehearsal on Friday, December 3rd, and then on the 10th of December, the first official showing of the play will be at 7:00 pm and the next show will be on the 11th at 2:00 pm. Remember to save these dates so you don’t miss out on this show!