Sci-fi And Fantasy Club: The Place For Gamers And Geeks


Joshua Geaughan, News Editor

The West Springfield High School Sci-fi Club is up and running. Meeting on Thursdays in room B014 every week, the Sci-fi Club gets together to talk about media and play video games and card games. 

The club is run by the English teacher, Mrs. Bartman. “I got the idea for Sci-Fi Club because I love nerdy things. I figured there must be a group of students who had interests similar to mine that would like a place to gather. Turns out, I was right!” she said.

Coming off remote learning and holding the club entirely in remote last year, Mrs.Bartman is impressed by the community that the club has started to gather this year.

 “This year Sci-Fi Club has a lot of new faces, and I’m hoping that as time goes on it will become a club that can get bigger,” she said. Even with meeting only once a week, all the members of the group seem really close. 

The atmosphere of the room after school is  filled with cohesiveness. Everyone participates in games and activities together, dancing around the room with brilliant ease as activities from Mario Kart to Mortal Combat commence with efficiency. I found the members to be kind and energetic, and I was able to slip right into a game of Uno. 

Mrs . Bartman wants to push the limits of the relatively small club, hosting events and getting shirts for the club. They also plan on going to a convention later in the year as a whole club.  Working to grow the camaraderie among club members is Bartman’s main goal.

So please, if you are interested in board games, watching shows, playing video games, and many, many more activities, then come down to B014 next Thursday to join in the fun.