Concert Review 5 Seconds of Summer


Alma Huremovic

Hartford ROWYSO Tour Photo. Michael Clifford on guitar.

Alma Huremovic, Features Editor

ROWYSO Calum Hood on screen.

           Australian Pop-Punk/ Rock band 5 Seconds of Summer have recently wrapped up their first headlining tour ROWYSO a.k.a Rock Out With Your Socks Out this past month. Luke Hemmings (Vocals), Michael Clifford (lead Guitar, vocals), Calum Hood (bass, vocals) and Ashton Irwin (drums) have faced massive scrutiny as an actual band; often being referred to as the derogatory term: “boy-band,” all due to their opening up for Pop band One Direction in 2013/2014. The term boy-band can easily be squandered because not only do they play their own instruments and write their own music, their recent concert in Hartford CT was nothing short of phenomenal. Nothing more refreshing than four musicians actually playing their instruments and rocking out. With the opening punk act Hey Violet warming up the audience it wasn’t long until Ashton Irwin took the stage with an incredible opening drum beat to End Up Here the first song of the night. The crowd was wild, singing back the lyrics louder than any other show live. The rest of the performance was mostly killer guitar riffs and incredible harmony, (literally, AND spiritually). The boys must have rehearsed well, this was executed through their incredible performance of Everything I Didn’t Say; even with Luke Hemmings losing his voice (he was fighting a cold), the vocals and primarily bass tones were phenomenal. After about 15 songs, the band exited only to come back with an encore of Good Girls, and a cover of The Romantics: What I Like About You, which they absolutely shredded.The band has worked hard since their debut of She Looks So Perfect and have recently come out with a new album Sounds Good Feels Good, you can expect great punk tunes and collabs with Sum 41 lead singer Deryck Whibley and American music producer John Feldmann, order it today!


Luke Hemmings on guitar, ROWYSO tour. Hartford, CT.