March Opinions Survey Responses



What is your most impactful musical memory?

“Albeit cringey, the most impactful musical memory for me was on the last day of 8th grade. A bunch of people performed songs on the stage and the one that stuck out to me was when they sang ‘Party In the USA’. My brain probably remembers this moment nostalgically because it was the last full school year before a certain pandemic knocked on the door. I pray to God that in the coming fall my senior year will be as memorable as my 8th was.” – Victor Banari, Junior

“I’d say performing in front of a large crowd for the first time.”- Jose Cabrera, Junior

“Every time I’ve gone to a concert, it feels surreal.” – Jenel Gonzalez, Senior

“My most impactful musical memory is listening to old Russian music in the car with my family as we drive to Florida.” – Sophia Liventsov, Junior

Should cell phone use be limited/banned at WSHS? Why or why not?

I think they should be limited during classes, it really depends.. if you have all your work done then you should be able to use your phone, otherwise in class you shouldnt be using it “ – Allison Gagne, Sophomore

No, it should not, cause sometimes a person have an emergency and they will need to contact the family or who ever is needed “- Mohammed Al Sammaraie, Senior

“I think cell phone use should be limited to WSHS only at lunch or in the hallways but once you are in the classroom, unless in an emergency they should be banned.” – Nathan Rosas, Junior 

“No, kids will just do it anyways and I think it will cause more trouble because a lot of people don’t accept getting their phone taken and would cause drama.”- Laryssa Novaes, Junior

How do you feel about lifting the mask mandate?

I am happy about it because there were lots of times where people thought that it was going to be lifted and now it finally is, I think everybody is sick of them.” – Kytiana Thompson, Junior

“I feel really happy because it would actually make school feel normal again.”- Matthew Cove, Sophomore

“It was needed but I think it should’ve been determined by the district based on the percentage of students who have the vaccine. If it was higher than 80% then I understand. But lower…I don’t think so. Maybe we would have had to wait till we get to 80% of the student population to be vaccinated to assure the safety of students and their parents.” – Donald Kuloba, Junior

“I feel that it is good, they aren’t really necessary at this point and they have created social disconnect between people.”- Matthew Kadlewicz, Junior

Do you feel that student bathrooms and bathroom policies are a problem?

If so, what issues surrounding the bathrooms and bathroom policies need to be addressed?

Every time I go to use the restrooms I have to go to different floors because there’s like 10 people in the bathroom just hanging out. I just end up being late to my classes“ – Michael Rai, Junior

“I feel like men (of all sexualities, trans men, anyone with the he/him pronoun) should go in the male restroom as well as vise versa (women of all sexualities, trans women, anyone who goes by she/her pronouns. I feel if a gay women went in the male restroom that would be uncomfortable and it should be the same vise versa.” – Alyza Drolett, Senior

“I feel like there should be someone patrolling the bathrooms as of this year there is so much vandalism on the bathroom stalls.” – Sherlyn Aguilar, Junior

The stalls need to be reinstalled with better locks and their needs to be more dividers” – Jovanny Dejesus, Junior

Which movie, television series, or book do you feel most accurately portrays what it’s like being a teenager? Why?

Euphoria because it’s as realistic as I’ve seen to being an over the top high schooler while being under control” – Logan Aubin, Sophomore

Mr. Iglesias. This is because it is a show that’s about regular students and shows what they go through in school and outside of school.” – Teaohn Gonzalez, Junior

“I think The Perks of Being a Wallflower shows a pretty accurate representation of the anxiety involved in being a teenager and trying to fit in somewhere.” -Laryssa Novaes, Junior

“As childish as this sounds, Inside Out. It demonstrates the emotions of a developing teenager.” – Dikshya Basnet, Junior

Phobias/Worst Fears: Do you have a phobia or fear of anything? Tell us a story about what the phobia is and a time when you were faced with it.

“I hate corset piercings. I absolutely cannot with them. They freak me out so much. I have never been so irrationally afraid of anything that isn’t meant to be terrifying so much in my life. I saw an image of corset piercings, and I just wanted to scream.” – Kaylianiah Perez, Sophomore

“I went rock climbing once and when I looked down I was scared how far up I was. I was scared of heights.” Abraham Elmogy, Junior

“Hell. All the time. Death is always a possibility.” – Connor Macguire, Junior

“Hate the deep ocean and it probably started when I almost drowned in my cousin’s pool [twice].” – Aidan Gagne, Junior 

What makes a piece of art good or bad? Should art be criticized objectively?

“What makes a piece of art good or bad is perspective. Art can’t be criticized objectively, as it is something created through the lens of someone’s visual culture. Anything can be considered art, as long as there is thought put into it and if you are proud of it. Art doesn’t have to be expensive or be made with the use of expensive tools, art can be made with anything. So in my opinion, I don’t think there is a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ in terms of artwork.” – Malak Aulrubaiy

“What makes art good is if it has a meaning. and no it should not be criticized objectively because what one piece of art means to someone isn’t what it’s going to mean to another person everyone has a different point of view on art” – Arianna Gray, Junior

“Good” or “bad” art is completely subjective. Someone may find one part of a piece of art hideous, while another person may find that same part beautiful. But, art should be criticized objectively as that can give an artist an opportunity to grow. I also believe it is important for people to express their opinions.” – Kaylaniah Perez, Sophomore

“If there’s a message to be taken from a piece of art, I think that makes it good.” – Bikhita Mousa, Senior