Spotlight: What were your first memories of sports?


Athletes share their earliest memories of participating in the sports they plan now and love.

Sofia Sanchez, senior, Color Guard –  “I went to a meeting on step up day, I saw their table and signed up and then they texted me and I got to go to a camp, where they taught us the basics. I kept doing it my sophomore, junior year and now I still love it Senior year. I honestly was kind of thrown into it, but I’m glad I did!”
Erin Jacobson, sophomore, Cross Country & Track and Field – “The first moment I ran cross country, I did not like it because it was very hard and I was in a lot of pain. My brother and teammates encouraged me to run!”

















Boston Williams, junior, Track – “I do the hurdles specifically. I first started doing them because my neighbor, Brandon Martin, he was a little bit older than me, started doing them. I went to some of his meets, and my sister also did track when she was in high school and I was in eighth grade, and I really liked the environment and really wanted to be a part of it, so I did it!
Eleni Kantos, sophomore, Track and Field-  “I’ve been playing soccer my whole life, and then one day I realized that my favorite part of practice was the running. When we’d get punished for not doing so well, our coach would make us run and that was my favorite part. So, I talked to these girls I knew from Longmeadow who were in a running club, and I joined. I started hurdling. I ended up going on a 1 mile run and found out that was something I’ve really enjoyed, and since then I’ve been running cross country.



















Lamara Taksilova, sophomore, Volleyball & Tennis
“What made me want to play volleyball was the fact that my brother’s girlfriend played, she was really inspirational, and I got into it by playing with them, I really loved it. Tennis I just really looked forward to trying, and I love it.”
Jade Rios, sophomore, Softball
“I got into the sport at first because my dad forced me but then I made a lot of friends and started to practice more. I also enjoyed the competitiveness of the sport”

















Christine Longey, sophomore, Field Hockey
“I started playing in 6th grade. I didn’t really like soccer that much so I was trying out different sports, and fell in love with field hockey.”


Aidan Flaherty, 9th, Soccer
“What got me into soccer was it running in the family, and when I started playing it, I really liked it.”
Brandon Foster, freshman, Golf
“My dad has always played it, so I did it. We kind of had the money lying around so I got the chance to.”
Melania Diaz, junior, Track and Field
“I got into track and field because my mom kept bugging me that I needed to do more after school stuff. My freshman year I joined, and I remember being really awkward because I didn’t know a lot of people, but I ended up liking it so I stayed!
Admir Catic, junior, volleyball – “My brother played junior olympic volleyball and I followed in his footsteps.”