Spring 2022 Student Opinions Survey Responses

What is something you do to boost your self confidence? 

“Playing music is just about the only thing I do, but I would say it helps boost my self confidence.” – Ian Gallacher, Grade 10 

“Praise from a teacher or peer.” – Zachary Matlock, Grade 12 

“I really like wearing floral shirts and high waisted pants, they make me feel more comfortable in my own skin.” – Bella Carter, Grade 11

Honestly…I guess drama/theater? If you don’t have confidence when you walk out on that stage, you increase the chances of things going incredibly.” – Kacie Schwarzenbach, Grade 11


Is cancel culture (call out culture) good for society? Why or why not.

“I think that cancel culture can get carried away. We can’t just cancel every single thing because it offends a couple people, if we do then we will have nothing left.” – Kytiana Thompson, Grade 11

Not at all if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say it all. What are you getting out of ruining someone else’s life? They have done nothing to you so why bother them? Especially if they have a big platform, social media is hard enough to work in but when people make false assumptions or try to cancel them, it makes it no easier.” – Abigail Chapin, Grade 10

“Yes and no because it puts people in their place when doing something bad but also no because it gets very overboard.” – Ryan Heelon, Grade 10

“Absolutely not, it is terrible for society as it basically invalidates someone’s opinions without any actual argument. and it can easily ruin someones social life or just there life in general.” – Aidan Gagne, Grade 11

“Yes, it humbles people who make serious mistakes.” – Brigid Moore, Grade 10


What is something that exists today that won’t exist in 30 years?

“I don’t think cars that run on gasoline will continue to be manufactured 30 years from now.” -Colby Harrington, Grade 10

“The penny.” -Arzu Agayev, Grade 10

“This makes me sad to say but probably Books and the Freedom of Speech. As of right now, our current society in America is starting to look eerily similar to the one in both Fahrenheit 451 and 1984 as well.” – Victor Banari, Grade 12

“Some species of animals that are close to extinction might end up going extinct because of humans.”- Brendan Moore, Grade 10

“I think everything will still exist, because we still have things from 100 years ago, they won’t destroy everything of anything if that makes sense.” – Ian Gallacher, Grade 10

“Reading books, like paper books. Many people read online or listen to audiobooks and it is becoming more common for people to use technology instead of reading books.” – Kytiana Thompson, Grade 11


What is the greatest threat to humanity? 

¨This character trait allowed Evil itself to enter Reality if you know what I’m Referencing. The greatest threat to humanity has been, is still and will always be our PRIDE. The mentality that “I’m better than you in any way” is the reason behind every single human evil in the course of our existence.¨-Victor Banari, Grade 12

“People in power who want to take away rights.”Cassandra Guillen, Grade 12

“An large asteroid.” -Matthew Cove, Grade 10

“Humanity. So far, every problem humanity as a whole has faced is caused by humanity. I.e, global warming, suicide caused by cyber bullying (or all social media related problems for that matter), overall discrimination against any group of people, homelessness, etc. I think that we are our own enemies.¨-Zariya Oura, Grade 10

“The greatest threat to humanity is greed. We learn as children that sharing is caring, and yet our model of living is to amass as much for yourself as possible, which drains what’s left for the rest of us. This reminds me of the quote “you can’t eat money”. If we don’t acknowledge and help other people then there won’t be any more people.¨-Bella Carter, Grade 11


What types of characters would you like to see more of in movies or television series?

“Maybe thicker people not being the comical relief but the strong, independent leader. And obviously I would love to see characters breaking gender roles or just characters that spread awareness or break the awkwardness of people who are LGBTQ+ or people with mental illness or even characters who come from a different culture.”  – Shea Molbury, Grade 10 

“I would like to see more characters that are adventurous and make their own path in life, because for me there are a lot of movies where they are portrayed as perfect and never stepping out of line.” – Brendan Moore, Grade 10

 “Normalized diversity of all kinds; ethnicity, disabilities, gender, etc.” – Eleanor Yates, Grade 10

“I want to see more women who struggle with mental illness portrayed accurately, and not through the male gaze.” – Helen Sanders, Grade 10 


What do you think education will be like in the future? What aspects of the current system  would you like to see changed and how?

“I believe technology will be used a lot more in the future as it evolves. I feel that subjects will include more “real world problems” like classes on racism, sexism, genders, etc. The power that school authority has will probably be less authoritative as it is now because people are expressing their rights and feelings more now. Especially after Covid, I feel that, as the future comes, school spirit will fade.” -Emma Burlingham, Grade 12

“I just hope that in the future the technology is just more suitable for schooling standards and not just a bunch of bad chromebooks.” Aiden Gagne, Grade 11

“It will probably be how the school system has been for the last 100 years, the exact same. I would like to see the factory formula disappear and focus more on the real world and creativity.” -Bruce Dumont, Grade 10

“In history, learn more about current events than the same old white men over and over again. To learn more about what really happened during the 19th and 20th century rather than glossing over it and making white people, for the most part, look better than they were. Students need to understand why learning about history is important and the easiest way to do that is by connecting them to current events. To not make tests the only thing that matters towards a students grade, teachers say it doesn’t and to just try your best, but some people don’t have that luxury. By making tests count so much, they set many students up for academic failure and to start hating school. Education in the future will most likely be primarily online.” -Leylanis Barbot, Grade 12  


If you could make one request of your fellow students, teachers, and administrators, what would it be?  

“My request to the administrators would be to greatly consider students’ mental health before making disciplinary decisions.” -Emma Burlingham, Grade 12

“For teachers and administrators to actually listen to their students.” -Cassandra Guillen, Grade 12

“I would ask all of them to stop wearing masks.” -Jack Graney, Grade 12

“Don’t forget that every conversation you have with someone else leaves them feeling a certain way. I try hard to make sure that people pick up positive vibes when we chat- whether its a correction, a suggestion or casual conversation.” – Mr. Bell, Art teacher

“Make student wifi available for the entire day.” -Edwin Irizarry, Grade 10

“Can everyone just think for themselves? Can we stop trying to be cool because that’s what the media says is? Nowadays nobody can think for themselves and its getting ridiculous.” -Trinity Rackliffe, Grade 10

“I want Edgenuity gone.” -Salome Lind, Grade 10


What is your dream job?

Psychotherapist with a private practice, and little shops around the country for self care aimed at teenagers” – Bindiya Patel, Grade 12

“A forensic psychologist. “ – Cassandra Guillen, Grade 12

“To be a billionaire and design things to help solve a major world problem.”- Jack Graney, Grade 12

“A voice actor!”- Aldene Scott, Grade 9


Is national security more important than personal privacy? Why?

“I believe that both are equally important. Personal privacy protects your everyday life from others around you, while national security is able to protect you on a larger scale. If we didn’t have national security, our important personal information wouldn’t be protected but if we didn’t have personal privacy, we would be able to protect ourselves.” – Emma Burlingham, Grade 12 

“I think both are equally important. Having national security protects everyone in the country from bad guys, however there are bad guys within the country and personal privacy protects citizens from them.” – Maddie Culver, Grade 12

“National security is a priority for the government, not for a normal person living their life. Privacy is not mentioned once in the constitution but it should be protected from otherwise nefarious organizations who do not benefit from accessing private information.”-Zachary Matlock, Grade 12 

“There’s got to be a balance, and I think since 9/11 America has put too much emphasis on national security at the expense of privacy. “ -Mr.Brown, English Teacher 

“I don’t think so , because if we don’t have personal privacy, how can we have national security, and the same could be said the other way around, so I think both are equally important when it comes to the safety of the nation.”- Ian Gallacher, Grade 10 

“Nope.  You cant get into my business just because someone halfway across the world decided to be stupid.  That goes far too much into controlling individual people and it’s pretty risky as a whole.” – Salome Lind, Grade 10