Happy Sappy Valentines Day

Valentines day is soon, Are you ready?


Tab Meyers

Do you have a special someone this valentines day season? Do you want to show them how much you care about them? Well here are some tips and tricks to make your shawty feel loved and appreciated. If you don’t have a partner but some really close friends you want to share the love with this season you can read along too! 


One way you can easily get to the heart of your honey is with a heartfelt card. This fairly inexpensive gift can make your partners day, or even whole week, if you say what about them makes you feel the most loved! Even if you dont have any money to spare, you can make your own card out of paper and give it your own personal flare. They might even love that more than a traditional Hallmark card. 


Another way to burrow your way into your sweeties heart is with candies and sweets! Around this time of year you can get your hands on boxes upon boxes of chocolates and other sweet treats. But what if your partner doesn’t like the sampler boxes? Well here’s another way to sweeten your love’s day: get a thin box or an empty chocolate box and fill it with their favorite candies! Or if you’re with a crystal girly you can do some research on crystals and which ones are able to amplify your feelings for them and also put them in a candy box!


Let’s say that your significant other doesn’t like cards or candy? What about a collage of date night ideas or places to go together! You can easily make this for free online with a little photo editing skills, or if you want to splurge a bit for your baby you can get a posterboard and print out pictures of the places you want to go to with them. On the back of your love project you can even write an endearing message to them. 


Another classic you can’t go wrong with are stuffed animals! The classic heart teddy bear you can’t go wrong with, there are other options that might make your shawty go over the moon with love! Squishmallows! A popular stuffed animal brand that makes cute valentines themed plushies. They have so many characters and sizes to choose from along with being some of the softest plushes on the market. 


I hope these ideas help you out this valentines day, and if you don’t personally want to do any ideas or you personally know that your partner wouldn’t like them that’s okay! Have a happy and safe valentines day!