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Secrets behind skin care



Skin care is most popular among today’s generation. On all social media platforms, we see skin care being used, advertised by content creators and top brands, and profited off of. Skin care and hygiene is not only good to keep your skin in great condition but also improves your mental about self-image and gives you time to pamper yourself.

Well what is skin care some of you may be asking? Some of you may be asking, what is skin care? Skin care can range from many different products and their uses. For example, there are cleansers to clean the face from oils, makeup, sweat or dirt, and  any type  of dead skin cells on your face. After cleaning, it is suggested to use a toner which gets the last of any dirt or grime on your face that was leftover front he cleanse, toners can benefit you depending on what the toner consists of. The main purpose is to enhance the brightness or tone of your skin and tighten it up to prevent aging and fine lines . 

There are  serums and essences that contain a higher concentration of active ingredients (Hylaronic acid, glycolic acid, and vitamin C). Certain serums target different areas of the skin  such as fine lines, dark spots or hyper pigmentation, and enlarged pores. Lastly, we get into the creams and moisturizers that provide skin hydration and increase stratum water content. 

Today I spoke with a variety of students during the 3rd lunch, asking them questions about what their skin care routine looks like and how they personally benefit from it.

I started off by interviewing. Starting this interview I asked my  interviewee Poulin, Hazell, junior .


 “What is your skin care routine?”


“ I wash my face with warm water and Cerave cleanser, after I use a hydrating serum, then I use my tretinoin cream, which is acne treatment, and then I use   hydrocortisone cream for my dry skin, and then I use my Kiehl’s moisturizer. But, at night  I use my sea salt cleansing

bar, and then a vitamin hydrating and depuffing moisturizer” 


“ Okay, what would you recommend to other people, for example, products?” 


“ The Crave is actually really nice its super gentle on your skin” 


“What would you not recommend for other people? ” 


“Touching your face, touching your face throughout the day can lead to bacteria getting on your face, causing you to break out” 


“Other than keeping your skin in good condition, what other benefits do you think having a skin care routine can provide for you?” 


“ I think having a skin care routine can help you create stability in your life because its a everyday routine so you always follow that routine of doing something.” 


Hazell pointed out very good points in her interview on skin care and her personal take on it. On  the last question she expressed how she feels that  having a routine can create stability in one’s life, which is a positive trait to have. 

One of my other interviewee  also gave an in depth  answer to my last question. 

 Anamisis, Julia, junior followed up to my question by saying

“ Other than keeping your skin in good condition, what other benefits do you think skin care can provide for you?” 


“Having a skin care routine can help your mental help because it sets a period of time that you can take to yourself and focus on your personal needs.” 


I was really impressed on how she brought the mental aspect of skin care not her answer, she made it very  clear on how skin care can help you more than one way. 

Skin care is a great habit to get into that will benefit you in multiple ways. Multiple people including students from West Springfield High participate in skin care using a different variation of products. 



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