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Alyssa Blair
Hi, I'm Alyssa Blair. I've been a part of the Terrier Times for the past three years. For the first two years, I was the News Editor, and this year, I'm the Editor-In-Chief. I like to write a variety of articles, especially news. Other than my role in producing the school paper, I'm involved in several activities in and out of school. I'm a member of NHS, SNHS, the Superintendent Advisory Council, and a member of the girls' varsity swim and dive team. Besides swimming for the school, I'm also a member of the Bluefish Swim Club- Williston, a competitive swim club that travels around New England to compete at swim meets. When I have free time (which isn't very often) I like to hang out with my friends, shop, and watch Netflix. I'm a senior this year, and following graduation, I intend to pursue a degree in Mass Communications to continue on with journalism and writing, both of which I have a great passion for.


Alyssa Blair, Editor-In-Chief

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